We offer several different services to homeowners, attorneys, and contractors. Our services are tailored to fit the needs of our customers. No two claims are the same. However, all claims have similarities in how they are handled. For the homeowner, we offer services for claims that are already in dispute. Such as, underpaid or improperly denied claims. These services can be either complete claims handing or more tailored service like appraisal or mediation. Please see below for further information regarding these individual services and descriptions.

We offer a multitude of services to assist in the claims process for attorneys who are in dispute or litigating files. We offer consulting services, cause and origin reporting, estimating, expert witness and testimony, appraisal, and field inspection services. We also offer a claim review service for attorneys. Knowing you’re on the right side of the argument can make settlements far easier.

Contractors are having a tough time right now with the passing of Senate Bill 76. Many roofers are not allowed to canvass for claims. They cannot file claims. Because of this law, contractors are no longer allowed to negotiate claims with carriers. Send your clients to us. We can negotiate the claim and get you a fair settlement.

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Residential Property

→ Water Damage

Pipe breaks are common in many older homes and the poorly constructed homes of today. It is the most common type of loss in the Florida insurance market. Non-weather water loss accounts for more than 50% of losses at residential properties. Many insurance companies attempt to limit this type of coverage and reduce your coverage amounts.

We can help you fight the insurance company on these types of claims. When they attempt to miss apply limits to your loss, we argue these miss-applications of coverage. With our expertise, we can get you the most coverage available under your policy. Don’t let the insurance company bully you into less coverage. CALL US TODAY.

→ Wind Damage

Many insurance companies attempt to underpay legitimate claims on roofs in the state of Florida. They try to apply hurricane deductibles to losses that are not hurricane related. They try to repair roofs that cannot be repaired, without causing damage to the rest of the roof. They frequently attempt to exclude coverage for property that is legitimately damaged.

We can help! Our team has a long history of dealing with wind claims for your roof. We make the insurance company do the proper testing to determine repairability, in accordance with state guidelines. We make do a complete inspection and properly document the loss. Through these steps we are able to make our case for your roof and get a “NO” turned into a “YES!” CALL US TODAY AND LET US HELP YOU!

→ Hail Damage

This is one that the insurance companies love to deny in Florida. They use terms like “cosmetic damage,” “no functional damage,” “thermal blistering,” or “deterioration” to deny your claim for damage. Coastline Claims employs hail experts who are fully versed in hail damage and how it affects your shingle roof. The owner worked as a roofer for 20 years and has over 15 different certifications in the roofing industry. He has the knowledge to overturn many denials for hail damage with the carriers.

Through our investigation of your roof, we document the wear patterns, what is wear related, and what is hail related. This reporting and documentation allow our legal team to argue the hail damage and get many of these denied claims overturned. CALL COASTLINE CLAIMS TODAY!

→ Mold Damage

Mold is a large concern for property owners in Florida. Due to our wet and extremely humid environment, mold tends to grow in most homes which causes damage in a multitude of ways. Mold coverage can be limited on the policy. You may be responsible for any additional costs associated with restoring your property, due to those limits.

Depending on how the policy is set up can determine when this limit is applied. Was the mold the initial cause of the damage, or was it water intrusion? Where did the water originate from? Was it a roof leak caused by wind? The limit may or may not apply depending on where the damage originated from. The insurance carrier may not be finding all the coverage that is available to you under the policy. CALL US TODAY TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT MOLD COVERAGE.

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Commercial Property

→ Water Losses

Commercial property losses can be quite complex. With multiple units and policy types, they can be difficult to handle. These coverages depend on how the property association documents are written and how the policy is set up. Our company has years of experience in finding coverage for these types of losses. Do not let someone who has never handled a commercial loss handle your claim. Call someone with a proven track record of success. Call Coastline Claims.

Wind Loss

Wind can affect commercial buildings in a variety of ways. Familiarity with commercial construction techniques and components allows us to properly handle your claim. We know how these buildings fit together and how the systems are supposed to be. The owner has several years of experience in handling large-loss commercial claims. Take advantage of his experience and CALL US TODAY!

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Automobile Claims

We can also handle automobile claims! If you have a wreck with property damage, call us. We can assist you in getting the vehicle covered and any personal property that may have been damaged in the process.

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Business Claims

→ Business Interruption

Has your company lost income from a shut-down due to a loss or government mandate? You may be entitled to recovery under your insurance policy. Call us to discuss any recoveries that may be warranted under the policy. We do a free consultation and claim review for our clients. CALL US TODAY!Florida Public Adjuster


Residential Property

The appraisal process is an alternative dispute resolution process that allows you to resolve your claim. This process is final and binding in most cases. There are some things to know about this process that could affect the outcome.
Is the claim ripe for appraisal? How would you know? Do you have an attorney and is he familiar with the process? All these things can affect how the appraisal is handled. If the carrier demanded appraisal, chances are you were not adequately prepared before the appraisal demand. This can hurt your chances for a good settlement. Adding time and expenses to your claim.

If a contractor is attempting to maximize your claim, the carrier may demand appraisal. In which case, the outcome of the appraisal could benefit the carrier. This is why you need an expert on your side who knows the process and when your claim is “ripe” for appraisal. We set up every one of our files for maximum recovery. That means preparing all documents well before any demands for appraisal are made. CALL US TODAY FOR MORE INFORMATION ON APPRAISAL

Commercial Property

Commercial property appraisal is very similar to residential property appraisal. It is an alternative dispute resolution process meant for claims that cannot be amicably resolved with the carriers. Most often they have to be set up correctly with all policy requirements in compliance before a demand can be made.

Our company specializes in commercial claims. The owner handled many large loss commercial claims and has the experience to handle your commercial appraisal with expertise. Call us today!

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Field Inspection

A field inspection is an on-site inspection and evaluation of the property. We provide photographs of any damages, property conditions, and the scope of recommended repairs.

→ Estimating

We provide estimation services for the scope of repairs needed for any damaged property. We will take the recommended scope from either your contractor or our field inspection, and we will prepare an estimate. Included in the estimating, we will provide an insurance evaluation report. The evaluation report will show that your property is properly insured. Jeremy has written over 20,000 estimates and evaluation reports for water, wind, fire, smoke, mold, etc. We can write estimates in Exactimate, Simsol, and Symbility.

→ Cause and Origin

Cause and Origin reports include the damages to the property and how they originated. We look at the property history, overall construction, and weather history in order compare those results with property damages to make a determination on what was the cause of loss. Then, we prepare a complete report with photographs and a detailed analysis for the client. All of our research is peer reviewed and published by national associations in the industry. The companies owner is licensed at both, a public adjuster and home inspector, which allows him to provide this reporting.