Public Insurance Adjuster

Claims Handling

Our fees for full claim handling are based on a percentage of the claim. Our fees are part of the settlement and based on a percentage of the claim. Our fees start at 20% of the recovery. This doesn’t include any prior payments or deductibles. We handle every aspect of the claim for you. That includes the following:

1. Report loss
2. Inspect with IA
3. Scope the loss
4. Estimate
5. File CRN/Complaints/NOI
6. Photos of loss
7. Matterport of the loss
8. General Loss Report
9. Weather Reports
10. Post Loss Obligations
11. Negotiate with Carrier

Theres a lot more that is included in this service. Too much to list out.

Special Pricing For Attorneys & Contractor Partners

For contractors and attorneys, we offer Task Assignment pricing. We have 3 partnership tiers. Each with special pricing based on how many orders a month you need. We will inspect, estimate, and prepare your claim for presentation to the carrier. This package includes all the relevant documents you need to file with the carrier and meet post loss obligations.